Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Changing to Keto/Paleo for Beginners

The biggest challenge that most people may have while learning and adapting to Keto or Paleo, is that carbohydrates aren't necessarily the enemy. It is very important to watch your intake, but even if you change your diet, you still won't lose weight if you eat an excessively high calorie count. Highly processed carbohydrates (sugars, grains, etc) can be very addicting and have a hard time breaking the habit, not only chemically but also because everywhere we go, it is considered normal to consume them. Nearly every restaurant I visit insist on placing rolls, bread, or some other product on my table before I even get my meal.

Just like quitting cigarettes, when quitting processed carbohydrates, often times we compensate by eating large quantities of food. Our bodies go through cravings, and it seems like we can satiate those cravings with more food, more meat, more cheese, more butter, more fat. This often times has us crossing a threshold of what our body uses, and then we don't lose weight, (or possibly gain weight). This is a hard part on most beginners, because they also don't realize how small serving sizes are (on the package information), and often consume far more than they believe they do. I know I had this problem, as my first two weeks looking back on what I ate, I probably ate 4000 or more calories a day, and was fairly sedentary.

Eat your vegetables (especially the green ones, those are usually best for you), as they are much more filling, and make sure to eat healthy portions of fat and protein to keep you satiated for longer time. Drink your water, as that helps your body transition and keeps your body well hydrated. Avoiding grains (rye, wheat, oats), corn, rice, and sugars will take you 90-95% of the way to your goal, but remember there is no magic to this lifestyle, it is how the human body works, eating too much will always be a problem, with or without bread.

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