Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Beginning

It has to start somewhere. There is always a beginning, regardless of an end.

In my case I have never understood why at an early age we are told to find what we want to do. As if there is an absolutely finite number of interests that humans have and we better grasp onto one of them and focus on that for our careers. I can say without hesitation that my life to this point has not been a success. As I am still alive, (at least I believe I am) my life hasn't been a failure yet. I have never been able to find one thing that I want to do though. My interests are varied and eclectic. Cooking, writing, designing, building, reviewing, and on, and on are just listing some of my interests. The biggest things I have learned though as through life the only thing that continues to interest me is learning. So Learning life, is my way of discovery to find my place, and to keep myself learning, in life.