Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recipe Thursday: Bacon wrapped Jalapenos

Thursday Recipe:

Bacon wrapped Jalapenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese

1 lb of bacon, (approximately 10-12 slices of normal cut bacon)
10 Jalapenos
1 - 8 oz package of cream cheese
Kosher salt
1 Cored pineapple, fresh (optional)

A nearly perfect snack.

1. Cut jalapenos in half lengthwise, making sure to clean out seeds and membranes. This will be plenty spicy for most people, and if you prefer more spice you can always add a little extra cayenne pepper.
2. Let cream cheese rest at room temperature, until it is softer. Placing it in a bowl, add a couple dashes of kosher salt and black pepper until it looks creamy.
3. If you plan on using the pineapple, cut into thin strips just shorter than the jalapenos and make sure they can fit inside.
4. Cut the bacon strips in 1/2 width-wise doubling how many strips you have.
5. Assembly: Place about a tablespoon of cream cheese inside the jalapeno and lay a slice of pineapple on top (pineapple is optional, and not recommend if you are in full keto). Then take a strip of bacon and wrap it around the jalapeno, pulling it a little tight, but be careful not to rip it. Once the bacon is wrapped around most of the jalapeno, place on a cooking sheet. Repeat the process for as much jalapenos and bacon that you have.
6. Place in oven at 350 degrees, and bake for 15-20 minutes until bacon is crispy. 

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