Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Learning Life Part 2

Two years later.

I am still learning, and have found a sly happiness.  One that you can feel, but still creeps up on you and plants a smile when you least expect it. I have found further passions in my life, intensified my experiences and found new avenues of expression.

I want to help other people, not only accomplish what I have, but to forge their own paths to make themselves happy. Food, Travel, Reading, Games, whatever it is, I am positive there is a way to get enjoyment and realize a level of happiness.

In the two years since I started this blog, I had only ever made one post. Just one. It was almost a mission statement to myself, to bring me out of my slump, drive me to a precipice, and then push me over. It worked. I have lost 190 or so pounds and counting. I am stronger emotionally, physically and mentally than ever before.

If you want to know my weight loss secrets, they aren't hidden. I would love to share them with everyone and anyone willing to read;

Rule #1 Understand any dietary changes you make can be disconcerting, and uncomfortable, not only to you, but to those that think they know best for you.

Rule #2 I recommend this dietary course, not because I am a doctor, but because I have experienced it first hand, and have succeeded dramatically.

Rule #3 Wheat products, Corn products, Rice products, and Sugar is not allowed. This includes most oats, and similar products (rye, quinoa, couscous).

Rule #4 Saturated fat is not bad for you. Carbohydrates (especially from sources mentioned above) are a large culprit in many, if not most cases of type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Rule #5 Drink plenty of water. Yes, tea, coffee, and such is good, but you should still be drinking lots of water.

Rule #6 Your plates should include hearty portions of vegetables, especially non-starchy varieties.

I cannot possibly post an exhaustive guide in one day, but with regularity I intend to update, with recipes, article reviews, and training/diet updates.

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